Past solo exhibitions

2018 "Aspects of influence". Dada Object Trouvé, Barcelona, Spain. "Remembering the future". Bildhalle Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.
2016 "Why all the time". Valid Photo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain. "This is you". Kochuten Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.
2015 "The Mouth of Krishna" and "This is you". Unseen Photo Fair. Amsterdam, Netherlands. "The Mouth of Krishna". Photomed Festival. Beirut, Lebanon.
2014 "The Mouth of Krishna". Kochuten Gallery, Nagoya, Japan.
2011 Blow up, Photomed Festival, Sanary, France. Ceci n'est pas une cité Méditerranéenne, Photomed Festival, Sanary, France.
2010 Safety in Solitude, Fotogaleria Zoom, Santander, Spain.
2004 LEI-NYC-PAR-ZRH. 4 Cities, Palauet de Can Vidalet, Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain.